Sebra Agricola SA, is a company specialized in the most modern and advanced technologies in sesame supply chain optimization. Our team has decades of direct experience in multiple areas in the agricultural products value chain. Supported by a robust operational structure, we are dedicated to producing, processing, and commercializing of natural sesame seeds in Brazil.

We support growers in the entire sesame production process providing them assistance with the best cultivation techniques from sowing to harvest. This engagement at the origination enables us to develop long term partnership with farmers and traceability of the seeds processed in our facilities. Through that, we ensure the delivery of the highest quality sesame seeds under the international standards and specifications to customers globally.

At Sebra, we are driven by a long-term vision with focus on innovation, reliability and sustainable partnership with growers and customers. To offer end to end outstanding services and products we count on an extensive support of long-lasting partners from reputable research institutions and large sized logistics providers. Sebra’s production site is established in the main sesame hub in Brazil which benefits from infrastructure supported by rail and road logistics.

Our commercial offices are based in the main sesame consumer centres, led by own sales teams with extensive knowledge of agricultural products and culturally adapted to the region to best serve customers.

Considering the high technology existing in Brazil granting efficiency in large-scale production of agri-commodities, rural producers’ competence, natural resources, and favorable climate conditions, we firmly believe Brazilian sesame will reach leading positions in the world’s largest production ranking in a few years. Sebra is here to help build this story.