Sesame is an excellent alternative as an off-season crop in areas of planting window, especially when corn growing turns to high risk. Its crop demands lower water, also, it requires lesser investment per hectare compared to other agricultural products. Further, sesame delivers several benefits to soil when it comes to a crop rotation.

Sesame stands out for its versatility. It can be grown in different soils, regions, and environmental conditions and has a short growing cycle (from 90 to 120 days). Moreover, its planting brings other advantages such as the reduction of soil erosion and the number of soil nematodes, apart from contributing to the reduction of pest attacks and crop diseases.

Our first processing plant is strategically settled in the Brazilian sesame hub, located in the city of Canarana, Mato Grosso state, where growers and processors supported by agro-scientists have been expanding expertise in sesame cultivation over decades. Nowadays, Brazilian farmers master large scale sesame production through mechanized harvesting leading Brazil to expressively improve its market share in the sesame global ranking of productivity.

Sebra supports its selected network of growers with technical advises provided by our team of agronomists and experts in sesame cultivation. The assistance throughout of the sesame season includes variety determination, application of quality inputs, irrigation, equipment configuration, harvest, and post-harvest. We are always seeking to maximize performance and productivity of sesame cultivation fields managed by partners since our success is based on the success of our growers.





By partnering to research bodies such as Fundação Mato Grosso (, we have been pursuing milestones and goals towards the excellence in innovation. As well as that, our technical team is dedicated to support growers in all stages of the crop building up long term mutually beneficial relationships. We aim exchange skills and expertise to overcome productivity and quality levels for sesame season year after year.